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Our collaboration with Centrum Lokalizacji CM started in November 2012 and involves written translation in the field of power engineering. Over this period, CM has provided us with translations of technical specifications as well as documentation for tenders and utilities contracts from English into Polish and from Polish into English. We recommend CM for its translation services. The timely deliveries and quality of the translations provided have met our expectations. 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM has provided us with translations of various Polish technical texts into English, French, German, and Russian. The translations were always of the highest quality and delivered on time. We recommend CM - it is a reliable and expert partner. 

The services provided by Centrum Lokalizacji CM meet our requirements. The translators are highly-qualified, disciplined, and competent. All of their diligent and professional translations — both standard and sworn — of various texts (mostly medical) into a number of languages were delivered on time. We are truly satisfied with the services provided. The customer service professionals are kind and polite. We are delighted with the fantastic atmosphere in our relations with the staff, as well as with concise questions from the translators. Therefore, we recommend Centrum Lokalizacji CM as a reliable partner for translation services to other customers seeking professional translations.
Alpen Pharma Polska

We are pleased to inform you that ANCA GmbH, headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, has been collaborating with Centrum Lokalizacji CM for two years. CM has carried out high quality translations, performed by an experienced team of linguists and experts who were able to deal with all entrusted tasks. We were entirely satisfied with our cooperation with CM . The translations were of the finest quality. We are very satisfied of our current cooperation and we would like to recommend Centrum Lokalizacji CM as a professional and trustworthy business partner. 

On behalf of P.T.M. Anes-Med, I would like to express my satisfaction with the quality of translation services provided by Centrum Lokalizacji CM. All translations were of the best quality and on time. Moreover, cooperation with CM's employees was smooth. CM is also a customer-oriented company. We recommend CM as a trustworthy and reliable partner. 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM has been preparing the German translations for the service for our company. The translations are carried out in a professional and reliable manner, taking into account high quality standards and employing specialized terminology. We recommend working with Centrum Lokalizacji CM

Centrum Lokalizacji CM has provided us with translations into English and German of various Polish technical specifications concerning physiotherapy equipment. The commissioned tasks were always done with great care and particular attention was paid to using specialized medical and technical terminology. The high quality of provided texts allows us to recommend CM to other companies operating in the healthcare industry. 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM has provided us with translations in a very professional and timely manner, assuring the best standards regarding the specialized terminology of the satellite industry. 
ASTRA Broadband Services Polska 

We have entrusted Centrum Lokalizacji CM with the translation of user manuals of high class equipment in the field of automation from German and English into Polish. The translation was carried out in a timely manner, accurately and with great care. CM's translation team demonstrated a great level of professionalism and commitment in their work. Furthermore, the quality of the translation performed was impeccable and we gladly recommend CM as a reliable partner in the field of specialized translation. 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM has been delivering for us translations of medical certificates from English into Polish. We can say with conviction that we may recommend CM to all companies looking for a medical translation provider that is both reliable and open to customers’ suggestions. 
Bard Poland 

We recommend the translations services provided by Centrum Lokalizacji CM for its professional approach, high quality of translations as well as timely deliveries. 
Blue Ocean Artur Hankiewicz 

BPSC SA specializes in the design and implementation of ERP/MRP systems. The company is the largest Polish supplier of systems of this class. Centrum Lokalizacji CM has handled the software interface translation of Impuls 5 application from Polish into English and Russian. The project was delivered on time and was of the finest quality. The volume of the project was around 250,000 words. We recommend the translation services of CM. 

CSC Computer Sciences Polska is a global leader in applying IT technologies to develop business services and solutions. CM is supplying us with technical translations from English and German into Polish and vice versa. We very often tasked CM with translating contracts and documentation relating to our solutions. We recommend CM as a company specializing in advanced IT translations. 
CSC Computer Sciences Polska 

Our company has been frequently working with Centrum Lokalizacji CM. Ever text delivered by CM was of high quality, on time and at affordable price. Standard and certified translations from German, English, and Polish were always done quickly and without any problems. Thanks to the translation services provided by Centrum Lokalizacji CM we are able to maintain a successful relationship with our business partners as an ordering party. Due to the above, we hope to continue our cooperation now and in the future in the same manner.

I hereby confirm that Centrum Lokalizacji CM has been providing marketing and technical translations to Endress+Hauser regularly since February 2016. The services provided include mainly translations from English into Polish. The services delivered by Centrum Lokalizacji CM are always of the highest quality. Their translations of even highly specialized technical content are performed with utmost care and high quality. Professional customer service, communication, and timeliness are additional strengths of CM that further confirm my belief that we have chosen the right localization vendor. Therefore, I recommend Centrum Lokalizacji CM to other customers as a reliable and professional partner.
Endress+Hauser Polska

We would like to express our satisfaction with the services offered by Centrum Lokalizacji CM, and to recommend them to all concerned companies. We cooperated with this translation agency while preparing support for the Dutch companies’ commerce mission to Poland. The agency performed interpreting to/from English during various business meetings focusing on such topics as security or infrastructure. We thank CM for their flexibility, customer-oriented approach, timeliness and the quality of the services. We wish them further success in their future endeavors. 

We are pleased to inform that we have been cooperating with CM since 2009 in the field of technical translations from English into Polish. CM meets our high requirements concerning the quality of translations, proofreading as well as DTP services. High qualifications of the staff, professional customer service and extensive experience are the sound basis for recommending CM to all potential clients. 
Fenix Systems 

Frequentis AG is an international supplier of communication and information systems in two business segments: air traffic management (civil and military) and public safety & transport (police, fire and ambulance services; inland and maritime shipping; rail). We can definitely recommend the translation services of Centrum Lokalizacji CM: fast reaction times, professional translation project management, regular updates on the translation status and of course good and consistent translation quality – and all that for a reasonable price.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions would like to recommend CM. CM has provided us with the translation of certificates and documentation from English into Polish. The people CM have demonstrated the utmost level of attention to the client and professionalism in their approach to the tasks that they were entrusted with alongside an excellent planning as well reliably in their work. We strongly recommend CM as a reliable and trustworthy business partner. 
Fujitsu Technology Solutions 

We would like to express our appreciation for CM’s expertise resulting in high quality translations and excellent customer service we received. Moreover, we would like to express our satisfaction with the cooperation, as well as our gratitude for professionalism of all the staff. The quality of services provided by CM qualifies this company as a responsible and reliable partner. 
Future Solutions 

Gambro is an international medical manufacturer focusing on development, manufacture, and distribution of products and therapies used in the treatment of renal and hepatic disorders. Centrum Lokalizacji CM delivers translations of medical texts from German and English into Polish. CM demonstrated its expert knowledge of medical terminology which is critical to the life-saving therapy. We hereby fully recommend the top quality translation services provided by CM. 
Gambro Poland 

This is to certify that Centrum Lokalizacji CM is our partner delivering translations of technical documentation from English into Spanish, Italian, French, German and Polish. In addition to the high quality of translations, CM has also the capability to manage the terminology which is essential for us. The services are delivered in a professional and timely manner. We would like to recommend the services provided by CM to other automotive companies. 
Govecs Poland 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM has been cooperating with the IBM Translation Department since 2011. The company is the provider of IT translations from English into Polish for the selected IBM products. The scope of their services includes software interface, online help, user documentation translation, and testing of the interfaces of the Polish versions of the products.
IBM Translation Services Center Poland 

We would like to thank Centrum Lokalizacji CM for its expertise, reliability, and the high quality of translations. We are extremely satisfied with this cooperation and hope to continue it in the future. 
IBS Polska 

We have been cooperating with CM for a couple of years; they have localized our ERP system into Polish, Romanian, and Russian. All commissioned tasks were completed with due care and on time, and the team was always ready to satisfy our requirements, both during and after completing the translation process. 
IFS Central and Eastern Europe 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM provides us, on an ongoing basis, with translations of press releases, website updates and marketing materials from English, German and Czech into Polish. 
All commissioned tasks are completed timely and reliably, and its employees work with a great deal of professionalism and commitment. The quality of delivered translations has convinced us that CM is a responsible and reliable partner. We recommend CM as a professional language service provider. 

Infor Global Solutions Polska 

We would like to thank Centrum Lokalizacji CM for a fruitful cooperation under the translation internship program during the academic year 2015/2016 organized for students of the Institute of German Philology at University of Wrocław. CM's employees were always willing to share their knowledge and experience. They were highly committed and treated each intern on an individual basis. We are also very grateful for the two training sessions prepared at the company's sole initiative and held at our Institute. 
The Institute of German Philology at University of Wrocław 

Kadant Johnson is renowned all over the world for manufacturing steam systems, rotary joints and precision unions for many industries. We specialize in integration technology and products in the area of fluid and gas handling. Centrum Lokalizacji CM handled the translation of our web page from English into Polish. The volume of the translation exceeded 50,000 words of highly specialized terminology, which was closely related to our industry. CM duly delivered the translation of this project. We therefore recommend CM as a reliable partner for specialized translations.
Kadant Johnson 

We enjoyed an excellent cooperation with Centrum Lokalizacji CM. We also enjoyed working with CM's employees, for whom a professional customer service is a priority. We are convinced to say that translations provided by CM are reliable, meet our expectations and deserve a recommendation. 
Kadimex Augustyn - Dusiński

We would like to recommend CM's translation services. Its employees are very professional, competent and always ready to help. Communication is smooth and the quality of translation is high. Any doubts are clarified on an ongoing basis, which prevents further corrections and makes cooperation much easier. 
Kardex Polska 

KGHM Metraco SA kindly announces that CM completed the translation of Sulphuric Acid Exposure Scenarios for our company. The collaboration with CM was perfect. The company’s customer care and professional approach to the task as well as their excellent work management and reliability were demonstrated throughout the completion of the job. We truly recommend Centrum Lokalizacji CM as a reliable and trusted business partner. 
KGHM Metraco

We would like to thank Centrum Lokalizacji CM for our longstanding cooperation. CM has done for us written translations from English to Polish of technical documentation and marketing leaflets. We are happy to admit that the services have been done timely and in a professional and reliable manner. We can fully recommend CM as a reliable, credible and competent partner. 

While cooperating with Centrum Lokalizacji CM, we came across a professional client service combined with reliability and fast performance of translation services. All projects were done with due care and diligence. We sincerely recommend CM to all potential clients. 
LG Electronics 

Macrologic SA provides IT business solutions. Our main product is a suit of Xpertis solutions, which support the following business areas: enterprise resource planning (ERP), knowledge and information management (KM, CRM) and Business Intelligence systems. Our current position on the market is to a considerable extent dependent on the cooperation with reliable Partners. 
In the course of our activities, we decided to make use of the services offered by CM. Based on our up to now experience, we recommend
Centrum Lokalizacji CM to all of those who value high quality of services, professionalism and quick response. 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM delivered translations of technical texts from German into Polish. The texts focused on metal and plastic machining devices. The translations were completed on time, while the terminology used was consistent and correct. We recommend CM as a reliable supplier of technical translations. 
Mecal Poland 

Mine Master manufactures drilling, bolting and loading/dumping machines for the mining industry. When ordering translations, we demand a correct use of terminology and experience in translating technical texts. Centrum Lokalizacji CM supplies us with such quality translations, including the translations of certificates for our machines and the translation of our website from Polish into English. All tasks entrusted to CM have been carried out with due care and on time. We can fully recommend CM as a reliable, credible and competent partner. 
Mine Master 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM has prepared for us Polish versions of user manuals for medical diagnostic equipment. Translations have been done professionally, with special attention paid to high quality standards, which are required for medical texts, as well as with thorough knowledge of specialized terminology. CM is a reliable partner.

Based on our longstanding and rewinding cooperation, we can recommend Centrum Lokalizacji CM as a reliable partner. Working with CM reassures us that we made a good choice. We are fully convinced that as a partner CM is a guarantee of professionalism, timeliness and precision of translation. Moreover, the friendly atmosphere of cooperation reassures us that the translation projects will be done in a professional manner and will be of high quality. We look forward to cooperation in the future. 

Companies more often appreciate the role of corporate community investment. One of such organizations is Centrum Lokalizacji CM, which has been providing the translation services free of charge to the National Forum of Music since the beginning of the 2010/2011 artistic season. During our collaboration with CM we have experienced a professional approach, thoroughness and commitment of the employees. We would like to thank CM for the high quality translations and, most importantly, for supporting the Wrocław cultural life.
National Forum of Music, Wrocław 

We thank Centrum Lokalizacji CM for many years of cooperation in translation of MRP system documentation and marketing materials from English into Polish. CM is a company that understands its business and market well, and provides its clients with high quality services.
QAD Polska 

Norax Medical Sp. z o.o. operating in the medical industry and providing advanced diagnostic equipment confirms the successful cooperation with Centrum Lokalizacji CM in the field of specialized medical translations. During the cooperation Centrum Lokalizacji CM localized about 350,000 words from English into Polish of the X-ray and ultrasound equipment user guides. The translations required a good knowledge of medical and technical terminology, advanced knowledge of text editing and translation tools, as well as a reasonable price. The communication was smooth and seamless which is extremely important as far as the advanced language projects are concerned. The services provided by Centrum Lokalizacji CM met our expectations that is why we definitely recommend them to other clients who are looking for a reliable partner in the translation industry.
Norax Medical

Poltronic would like to recommend translation services offered by Centrum Lokalizacji CM. We are very pleased with the quality of the services they have provided to us and we are looking forward to our successful collaboration in the future.

Centrum Lokalizacji CM has been contracted by Pro4People Sp. z o.o. to perform numerous projects involving translation of specialized texts from Polish into English between September 2017 and January 2018. The translations were performed with utmost diligence, accuracy, and delivered on time. The perfect contact with the Sales Department and excellent communication during the whole translation process were very notable. The quality of the services provided has met our expectations. We recommend Centrum Lokalizacji CM to all prospective clients seeking a professional business partner.

Centrum Lokalizacji CM provided us with specialized IT translation. The services were rendered in a diligent and timely manner. We would certainly recommend CM as a trustworthy and reliable language service provider. 
RR Donnelley 

For a couple of years the Wrocław Branch of Sygnity SA has been cooperating with Centrum Lokalizacji CM. All entrusted tasks have been carried out with due care and on time, and the CM 's team has always been committed to satisfying our requirements. 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM carried out its work with diligence and to our expectations. The translations we had ordered were completed in a professional manner and on time. We are also very satisfied with the collaboration with the staff at CM. We would like to recommend this company. 
Uldo Polska & Co.

UNIT4 TETA is a leading supplier of ERP software. TETA Constellation is used by numerous Polish companies and Polish representatives of international enterprises. Centrum Lokalizacji CM took part in the translation of the entire user interface from Polish into English, thus enabling the support of foreign enterprises as well as selling the system abroad. The whole task was divided into several stages - all of them were performed with the utmost care and on time. We continue our cooperation with CM in translating future IT projects. 

It is a pleasure of working together with Centrum Lokalizacji CM for three years now. During the period of our collaboration CM has provided us with translations of user manuals of respirators, ECG devices, and cardiac monitors, as well as declarations of conformity, and marketing brochures for medical devices of a total volume of nearly 50,000 words. All the translations were completed on time, with due diligence, and consistent in terms of the medical and technical terminology used. We recommend CM as a reliable and trustworthy provider of medical and technical translations. 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM took care of the translation of our product price list into English and German. We are pleased to say that the translation services were handled with the utmost and on a tight deadline. It is all the more remarkable due to the fact that extensive knowledge in this field was required, notably with regards to technical terminology related to individual components. CM has proved a reliable and credible business partner and it is with great pleasure that we would like to recommend its services. 

Centrum Lokalizacji CM has provided us with legal translations from German into Polish. The translations were carried out with a high degree of professionalism, were of the highest quality, delivered on time and according to our expectations. CM team showed great flexibility in their approach and provided services tailored to our specific needs. It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that we are recommending the services of CM as a fair and reliable business partner in specialized translation. 
Vetro Polska 

We are pleased to confirm that Centrum Lokalizacji CM has been providing specialized technical English-Polish translation services for our company since 2010. CM meets our requirements regarding translations of the highest quality, professional customer service and high qualifications of the localization team. We strongly recommend Centrum Lokalizacji CM as an experienced, reliable and professional language provider to other companies which require the highest quality of technical translations. 
Yamazaki Mazak Central Europe 

We recommend this company. The project was done in a professional manner and, what is the most important to us, it was completed on time. Therefore, we can recommend CM to other customers. We will most likely use CM services in the future. 
Zakład Robót Górniczych Krosno 

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