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Terminology databases are becoming an increasingly important element of the localization process. The use of coherent terminology not only makes it easier to comprehend the translated text, but often it is the terminology itself that distinguishes a company, becoming a part of its image.

CM Localization Center acknowledges the importance of terminology to our customers. This is why we constantly develop a dedicated terminology management system, which is a groundbreaking solution in the localization business.
The traditional approach to terminology database creation requires the translator to read the entire documentation and manually pick out important terms or convert the prepared bilingual lists, such as software interface or technical specification. None of these methods is effective and both are time-consuming, while time is what you are usually short of during localization. Since we believe that machines should work and the people should think, we developed a system used in a process that we call Aided Machine Terminology Management. It includes the terminology and quality management system called KeyStone™, the online tool for terminology extraction called TEXT™, and other software tools.

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The main features of this system are as follows:

arrowAdvanced grammar recognition functionality, adaptable for the use of new languages,
arrowExtendable lists of common words, backed up with the system's learning abilities,
arrowThe possibility to create bilingual dictionaries on the basis of the bilingual files (TTX, RTF, XLIFF, SDLXLIFF), Translation Memories (TMX), etc.,
arrowGeneration of customized terminology databases accessible online by the customer, translators and project managers (depending on the access rights) with the possibility of importing/exporting from or to various file formats,
arrowAutomatic database search during translation, regardless of the CAT tool used (translations of terms are suggested automatically),
arrowAutomated verification of terminology used in translated files (regardless of the language used and its grammar).

KeyStone™ is a Windows PC program that allows not only to create glossaries, but also to check whether proper terminology is used in translations.

TEXT™ is an online terminology extraction tool which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Thanks to the use of KeyStone™ or TEXT™ a typical procedure, starting with a sample document and existing translation (e.g. website) and ending with a fully operable terminology database with online access and automated search functionalities, can take only a couple of hours. The entire process involves the creation of a bilingual dictionary through matching a few pairs of HTML files taken from the website (which takes only a couple of minutes), adding terms mined from a sample document (couple of minutes more), verifying them by introducing translation (one of the two stages requiring human work), sending them to online database where the customer can verify them (the other "human" stage), and finally saving them in a target format or leaving them in a database accessible for translators and project managers.