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CM Localization Center Applies for Hosting Summer MT (Machine Translation) Internships in Cooperation with the European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT).

European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) is an organization that supports the growing community of users, programmers, and researchers interested in machine translation (MT) and translation tools.

As part of their efforts to support translation-technology-related research, development, and knowledge, EAMT arranges summer internships for students from all over the world. CM Localization Center applies for hosting such internships in our seat in Wroclaw. The interns shall have the opportunity to participate in MT technology development process.

The internships will be managed by Michał Tyszkowski, PhD, the company's CEO and Mariusz Hawryłkiewicz, CIO, who are among the most experienced persons in MT research, development, and support in Poland.

The internship program includes:

arrowIntroduction to the newest developments in MT research,
arrowMT quality evaluation and methodology,
arrowVarious MT environments (workflow, tools supporting MT-related processes),
arrowUser-MT system interactions,
arrowMT in combination with other technologies, e.g. translation memories, voice translators, multilingual search engines, multilingual text categorizers, multilingual text summarizers,
arrowMT for challenging language pairs,
arrowNew applications of MT in the Internet community.

EAMT covers all costs related to the internship. Updates on the cooperation between CM Localization Center and EAMT as well as the information on internship dates will be published as they become available.