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Quality Assurance

Assuring a high level of quality in the translation process is not an easy task. If a translation is to be considered as having high quality, it not only needs to be correct language-wise, but it also must conform to the requirements of the customer, i.e. it must be coherent, use proper terminology and have a specific format.

The pressure on the market requires increasingly larger amounts of text to be processed in a shorter time. This means that more than one translator participates in a single project. Despite of the use of advanced tools and online terminology database the verification stage is still an extremely important part of every localization project.

In CM Localization Center verification is carried out in three steps:

Quality Assurance
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Automated verification with no human work involved.
KeyStone™ system enables automatic detection of typical punctuation errors, misuse of capital letters, inconsistencies and the improper use of terminology with respect to relevant databases.
Linguistic corrections carried out by professional proofreaders.
Although this stage involves human work, it is computer-aided. KeyStone™ is not only a terminology management tool, but also a program which facilitates the linguistic evaluation of a text and its matching with the standard set by the client. Texts not conforming to this standard are rejected or sent back for correction.
Final validation of a ready translation, text format and DTP quality are of the main concern.
In the case of software, this stage involves testing the localized product for proper operation, as well as for correct localization in the context of a running system. This complex quality control process guarantees that our customers receive texts that comply with their needs. However, it requires a complete localization process, i.e. consulting and creating a terminology database, setting a schedule which includes verification, and specifying the output format in detail.

ISO 17100 standard proves the efficiency of procedures used in CM Localization Center.