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Quality Guarantee

CM Localization Center has been certified for compliance with ISO 17100. Hence, our quality assurance procedures meet the highest European standards.

At CM Localization Center we assume that to maintain proper quality is to follow the customer’s requirements. Since localization services are very individual in nature there are no identical projects. For this reason we carefully listen to our customers so that we can understand their exact needs and assure that their requirements are met.

We create individual and customized solution for each project we undertake. Dedicated translator base, appropriate technology and proper workflow generate benefits for our customers. Refined processes and the use of technology enabling the verification of those processes at every stage allow us to guarantee high quality of our services. Our Quality Guarantee means that CM's customers pay only for the work performed in accordance with clearly defined specifications hence meeting their demands.

Quality Guarantee
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To get more information about Quality Guarantee, please contact CM Localization Center.