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Why CM?

Our cooperation with customers is founded on three basic concepts – communication, information technology and quality guarantee.

Communication is fast, bi-directional exchange of information which allows mutual understanding. It also enables us to execute projects according to customer’s expectations. Since localization is a complex and individual service we tailor our processes to fit the requirements of particular projects. It can be done only by maintaining proper communication and establishing long-term relationships.

Implementation of information technology involves using complex procedures of internationalization, the CAT tools available on the market, proprietary IT solutions developed by CM Localization Center, terminology databases and DTP tools. We strive to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by information technology so that the hardest work is done by machines while people can focus on creating new solutions.

Why CM?
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Quality guarantee includes verification of translation, conforming to requirements set out by the customer and delivering the project on time. We are convinced that only high quality can allow us to gain competitive edge on a globalized and increasingly consolidating market. That is why we constantly improve the quality of our services by means of numerous innovative solutions.

Our employees are experienced professionals who have developed their skills during many localization projects. This experience is the basis of an efficient organization capable of coping with ever-growing market demands and increasing competition.

CM Localization Center offers localization services and constantly optimizes project management processes. Process optimization is aimed at improving the quality of services, decreasing lead times, and cost cutting. Employee trainings and implementation of propriety IT solutions streamlining the project management processes guarantee the accomplishment of assumed objectives.

Our consistent and continuously enhanced quality assurance procedures meet the highest European standards and comply with ISO 17100.