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About Company

CM Localization Center provides linguistic services to customers from around the world. Our portfolio includes: software localization including translation of documentation, website localization, translation of specialized, IT, technical, medical, legal and marketing texts, and much more.

Additionally, we cooperate with our customers to prepare software applications for localization (internationalization), to create and develop terminology databases, prepare documents for publication, both in electronic and in printed form, as well as to provide translation verification and quality assurance. Our proprietary dedicated tools, such as KeyStone™ and TEXT™, support the localization process and allows us to maintain a proper service level.

We work using translation software and in-house solutions which facilitate the completion of localization projects.

About Company
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Many years of experience and expertise in the use of translation solutions allow us to help our customers to create an effective localization system tailored to the current and future needs of a given enterprise.