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Our Unique Approach

In CM Localization Center we believe that "customer’s success is our success". This idea is the very basis of the services we provide, greatly enhancing our relations with the customers. Among our priorities are: excellent cooperation with the customer, timely project completion, expert consulting services in the area of localization process optimization constant improvement of the quality of our services.

Our main interest is broad implementation of IT solutions in the process of localization. This involves the use of CAT and DTP tools, and creation of dedicated, in-house solutions, which are tailored to customer’s needs and provide software internationalization, and effective terminology database management and development, as well as automated glossary generation and computer-aided proofreading, for we which we use KeyStone™ and TEXT™ - our proprietary software solutions.

Our Unique Approach
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Apart from commercial activity, CM Localization Center engages in academic initiatives and supports various cultural and educational institutions. Our company provides free translation services and direct financial support, as well as training opportunities.