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CM Localization Center takes its name from the names of two Greek bishops: Cyril and Methodius, who in the 9th century helped the Slavic languages become fully recognized by the well-developed Western European countries.

Although the contemporary world of state-of-the-art technology creates challenges that are different from those faced 1200 years ago, language has remained one of the key determinants of cultures, and translators are builders of bridges between them. This is why technical translation plays the same role in the world of technology as translation of books did in the Middle Ages.

Nowadays, we can hardly imagine the world without computers. Because we use software to communicate with computers, the user interface should be written in a language we can understand. This is the purpose of software localization, i.e. a service that makes software written in most cases in English available in languages the target users speak. The widely recognized IT translations are more than just this type of service. Internet has become an integral part of our everyday life.

Internet has become an integral part of our everyday life. Nowadays, all reputable companies have their own websites, and all companies that want their goods or services to reach foreign markets must provide content in multiple languages. To such companies we offer website translation as well as other corporate translations that are necessary, for instance, in submitting offers in international tender procedures, or in collaboration with foreign business partners.

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Computer technology and sharing content on the Internet are not the only areas where corporate translations are crucial. In some cases, people's health or even their life can depend on translation quality. Medical translations are particularly sensitive to errors. Our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists provides top quality translations of user manuals for the state-of-the-art diagnostic devices, procedure descriptions, patents, clinical trials, and other types of medical documentation.

The unique bond between the East and Central European nations, their common, in most cases Slavic roots, and the history over the last decades are the reasons why we focus primarily on translation into and from the Central and Eastern European languages. However, with our extensive network of partners in other countries, our offer covers most of the European languages.

Globalization forces companies to produce content in many languages, and the quality of such content is becoming a decisive factor in gaining the competitive edge. To achieve such advantage, it is extremely important to choose the right partner who can guarantee the highest quality, optimum costs, and is prepared for a long-term business relationship. CM is an excellent choice for companies seeking to reinforce their global market position.