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The name of C&M Localization Center is derived from the names of two Greek bishops: Cyril and Methodius, who in the 9th century helped the Slavic languages become fully recognized by the well-developed Western European countries.

Our company brings Cyril and Methodius’ mission to the 21st century. However, today this task involves localization of software and documentation for advanced technology rather than translation of the Holy Bible and creation of the alphabet.

Many years of cooperation with companies and translators from around Europe have convinced us that the nations of East-Central Europe are linked by a special bond. This bond stems not only from the common, generally Slavic, ancestry, but also from the events of the last century. That is why we focus mainly on translation into / from Central and Eastern European languages. However, thanks to an extensive network of partners in other countries our offer covers the majority of European languages.

Our experience and successful cooperation with various experts allow us to implement the idea of bridging cultures, which is the basic condition for the sustainable development of Europe and the entire world.

Globalization forces companies to produce content in many languages and the quality of such content is becoming a decisive factor in gaining the competitive edge. To achieve such advantage, it is extremely important to choose a right partner who can guarantee the highest quality and optimal costs and is prepared for a long-term business relationship. C&M Localization Center is an excellent choice for those companies that seek to strengthen their position on a global market.

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